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4 traits of effective C-suite leaders

On March 06, 2017 / Uncategorized / Leave a comment

I ran across a research study from a while back that really made me think. It was prepared by the mega-consulting firm, McKinsey, about the challenges that leaders face when they ascend to C-level positions.

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Is your sales manager good enough?

On February 20, 2017 / Uncategorized / Leave a comment

I’ve just gotten off another conference call where the subject was Ford’s CPP’s and budget declines. Proof, yet again, that our transactional business isn’t going to take us to the promised land.

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Winning the new business battle

On February 08, 2017 / Uncategorized / Leave a comment


Our first quarter challenges with national show us, once again, how important it is for our teams to become way, way better at new business development. And just improving a little isn’t going to cut it. We have to get a whole lot better.

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You can't motivate them, so what now?

On January 23, 2017 / Uncategorized / Leave a comment


“Great companies don't hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.”
-Simon Sinek,
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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2017! You CAN make a difference

On January 09, 2017 / Uncategorized / Leave a comment

Sure… 2017 is going to be a challenging year.  No one who reads this will disagree with that.

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